• Create all K8S components in the project folder
  • Create a new project on Google Cloud
  • Link a billing account to the created project, next steps will be handled inside this project
  • Go to Compute →Kubernetes Engine and enable billing (KE charges money!)
  • Create a new cluster inside KE
  • Install Google Cloud to Travis Virtual Machine
sudo: requiredservices:- dockerbefore_install:- curl https://sdk.cloud.google.com | bash > /dev/null;- source $HOME/google-cloud-sdk/path.bash.inc- gcloud components update kubectl- gcloud auth activate-service-account --key-file service-account.json
  • Create a new Service Account on Google Cloud 👉 IAM →Service Accounts


  1. :latest
  2. :SHA, comes from latest github commit’s unique id
SHA=$(git rev-parse HEAD)docker build -t USERNAME/IMAGE_NAME:latest -t USERNAME/IMAGE_NAME:SHA ./client/Dockerfile ./client

Let’s create a simple image

# Step 1: Specify base image
FROM alpine
# Step 2: Download…

How do programs work onto Operating System?

Kağıt parçaları vs Kitap

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